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Real-time overview of customer data.
Custom and seamless application integration.
Complete analytical data of all tasks.
Built in privacy protection and user authentication.
Tailored CRM application for any industry.
Simplify task management with team chat.

Grow Your Business with CRM Apps

Your Business Challenges:

Maintaining customer relationships is a challenge for businesses. Sending marketing emails on time and to correct contacts is necessary to boost sales in any team. Utilizing the wrong CRM solution can be costly and affect any business negatively.

The Benefits Of Our CRM Solution

Why choose CRM Apps to be your trusted partner?

Dashboards That Showcase Data

Gain a unique over view of all the data in your CRM solution that is real-time and accessible.



Extract detailed reports from accurate data based on
processes in CRM apps.

Improved Messaging With Automation

Automate and personalize repetitive tasks with automated scheduling based on previous data.

Increased Efficiency With Automation

Automated capturing leads, the sending of emails and responding to questions by focussing on retaining customers.


Meet the needs of your customers with proactive representation that is personalised for their advantage.


Track your entire team’s progress with a user friendly task management solution

Cost Effective, User-Friendly CRM Software For Any Business

Creating transparency for team members and customers

Simplify the managing of your customer relationships with a unique CRM mobile application that enables you to schedule marketing campaigns such as emails to ensure the correct contacts receive relevant sales information. A user-friendly application that does not require previous training to utilize all features. Configurable application that ensure self-services and empowers each user through collaboration that drives business sales.

Our Clients Trust CRM Apps

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Enhance The Way You Manage Customer Information

Simplify managing your
customer information.